Monthly Archives: March 2014

My First Second of Fame

A couple of weeks ago, I got a text from my classmate, Josh. The text consisted of an address in Gowanus, Brooklyn, a meeting time and a possibly ominous but most definitely shady message, “If you can, please come. If you can’t, no worries.” After a few back and forths, I determined that the bond […]

The Nincompoop Forest

One of my instructors shared a piece of writing from Mark Fenske, an Advertising lifer who currently teaches at VCU Brandcenter. The short piece, called “The Nincompoop Forest,” talks about how creatives must push their idea across many obstacles in order to see it actually come to life. As much as I liked the original […]

About Time

To say I’m slacking on this blog would be an incredible understatement. It’d be like saying a shark’s teeth are pointy (correction: they’re the love child of an x-acto blade, piranha teeth and one of those crazy, high-pitched, screechy noises on a Skrillex song. Yeah. Really damn sharp. And don’t ask me how 3 things […]