Comedy & Rap

To some people, comedy and rap may not be synonymous but I think differently.

Both use an interplay between words.

Both show and not tell.

Both draw on society’s shared experiences to relate an idea.

Both use references.

Both use metaphors.

To be an effective comedy writer or rapper, you need to have many skills.

Be able to write.

Be able to write in different forms and styles.

Be able to recognize trends or cultural tendencies.

Be able to critique society.

Be able to use pop culture knowledge to make your point.

I’ve loved comedy and rap since I was young and they’re two of my biggest interests. SNL, Jay-Z and many others were strong influences.

There’s a crossover between these arts and it’s evident that others feel the same way.

Will Smith achieved success in both. Andy Samberg & co. (Lonely Island) too. Donald Glover (Childish Gambino) is making his mark today and Simon Rex (Dirt Nasty) is another talent that comes to mind.

What do you think?


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