Dos Equis Lines

Breath mints are flavored like his mouth.
He got chicken pox a 2nd time. Just to have a realistic Halloween costume.
His one vote counts for 95% of the electoral college.
His funny bone is sarcastic.
He can bowl a 400.
He can drive an automatic car, manually.
Deaf people can hear him speak.
He can complete a blank Sudoku puzzle.
The first computer mouse was modeled after the contour of his hand.
Restaurants pay him to deliver his food so they can catch a glimpse of his house.
His picture is worth a million words.
Mosquitoes land on his skin but never bite. They just want to enjoy the ride.
He can type at 100 words per minute. With two fingers.
He can divide by zero.
Elevators automatically know which floor he’s going to.
After he shaves, he has a perfect five o’clock shadow.
His autograph is priceless.
He found a word that rhymes with orange.
He can win a game of tic tac toe in 2 moves.
He can play the trombone without moving his arms.


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