It’s Tuesday.

The night before my first ever spoken word performance.

Back in my teenage years, I remember staying up late and watching Def Poetry on HBO. It was mesmerizing to see people just like me put so much emotion and emphasis into their words. I felt their struggles, I felt their triumphs, I felt; period.

The performances were empowering and uplifting. The performers were strong and confident. They must’ve been 10 times the person I was. So I kept dreaming and wishing that I could do it one day.

It took time for me to grow up and find true self confidence and realize that dreaming and wishing gets you nothing. You have to take a deep breath and just go for it. All those performers had the same exact thoughts as me, until they finally said fuck it, and let everything out through their words.

In the past, I’ve felt nervous/anxious/worried before job interviews or games or public speaking but tonight, I feel an odd sense of calm.

Maybe it’s because I’m older and I’ve experienced more. Maybe it’s because for the past week, I’ve been practicing on the train, in the bathroom, in front of friends and probably looked like a crazy person talking to himself. But maybe it’s simply because I’m more confident than I’ve ever been.

Tomorrow night is my turn to feel all the eyes on me. It’s my turn to be that strong and confident performer who gives an empowering and uplifting performance.

It’s my turn and I know I can do this.


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